Chrispa’s Seaside House
Chrispa's Seaside House beckons sun-seekers to a haven where the golden sands become an extension of the doorstep. This beachfront escape is located just a breath away from the lapping waves of the sea! Lightly decorated, but with all the necessary amenities and facilities that will facilitate our guests' stay, Chrispa's Seaside House is transformed into a vacation house, appropriate for friends and families!
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GreenLand Villa
GreenLand villa is a brand new house, surrounded by nature! It's unique layout offers access to the real world and privacy at the same time! Located on the main road of the village named Houmeri, gives an easy access to the house, without revealing its monadic outdooroor area of the swimming pool, gardens and barbeque area. Feel the fresh air of cretan countryside! Your chance to enjoy the sun and live a wonderful experience meeting pure cretan hospitality!
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